After many years of working with individuals struggling with sexual addiction. I find the most consistently asked question is:

How do I help my children avoid this addiction? 

The short answer is raise their Emotional IQ.

Teach them to recognize what they are feeling, what happens to them when they have that feeling, how others may behave differently when they are having the same feeling and how to hang on to or let go of an emotion. This knowledge is critical in their development. With this knowledge, they will be able to experience the world with more confidence, read other people more accurately and learn how to respond rather than react to situations.

The 8 easy to understand, actionable activities included in this course are designed to be quick to learn and fun to play. In this course, you will find a video and printable explanations for each activity. The feedback I have received from my clients as I have given these activities to them is that they love how simple they are to implement in their day and how much fun the family has using them. The course is designed with enough flexibility that children from 4 to 16 can benefit from learning the skills taught. I know how tough it is to raise kids and I am excited to give parents these tools to make the job a little bit easier!

This course includes

  • High quality video lessons, broken up into 8 sharply focused modules.

  • 8 Activities thoroughly explained in each video that you can implement with your kids today.

  • 8+ Bonus (printable) worksheets to help you put what is being taught into action.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly versions

  • Course is completely self-paced

  • Full lifetime access